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So, you are curious about us? Maybe you have heard of Northtowne Volkswagen before from friends or family, or maybe you have seen us around. Maybe you are a long time customer, but you just got a curious itch as you were cruising around our website. How you have arrived to that question really doesn’t matter, what matters is that you are curious. Getting down to basics we have been around since 1985 making us the oldest Volkswagen dealer in Kansas City. Our age means that we know what we are doing. Our age shows that we know a good brand, Volkswagen, when we see one, perhaps even before others. Our age doesn’t mean that we have fallen out of touch though, as we always strive to bring you the newest vehicles and the freshest experience.

We pride ourselves on our wide selection of vehicles, and we will always push to make every buying experience easy, fun, and hassle free. We do not only exist in the brick and mortar locations, as you can see, we also have an advanced online presence that makes us nimble, but more importantly allows us to serve you, the customer, more effectively, easily, and of course, more conveniently.


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Welcome to our Volkswagen dealership in Kansas City MO

We are not just a Volkswagen dealer at Northtowne Volkswagen, we are a part of your Volkswagen family. When you are ready to have that new car smell we are ready for you with our entire line of Volkswagen vehicle, and we have an extensive catalogue of certified pre-owned vehicles waiting for you when you need the reliable car on a budget. When your Volkswagen stumbles, which we know is a rare occurrence, we are there for you with top of the line service.

Our Volkswagen technicians at Northtowne Volkswagen are second to none in the Kansas city area, and they are ready to help you with whatever may ail your Volkswagen. If you want parts, we can do that for you, if you want an oil change and a tire rotation, we can do that for you, and if you need some more indepth service we can certainly do that for you as well. When you think of servicing your Volkswagen in Kansas City we want you to think of Northtowne Volkswagen.

We're here for whatever you need

At Northtowne Volkswagen we take our service center very seriously. If there is a part you need for your Volkswagen you can be sure that we can get it, and in many cases we will have your part sitting on a shelf just waiting for you to need it. Our parts are not aftermarket, and they are not from the junkyard. These are licensed products. These are the parts that Volkswagen would put in you car from the factory. The parts we use are of the best construction possible, to make sure that your Volkswagen lasts longer and has the best performance possible.

Sometimes you need more than just a part and a friendly service technician. Sometimes you might have a question. Sometimes you may not be able install the part yourself. Sometimes you may not even know what is wrong. In all of those situations we are here to help. We are here for you. Let us put our current and up-to-date diagnostic and repair equipment at your disposal. Let our technicians show your car the love it deserves. Drive your Volkswagen over to Northtowne Volkswagen, and let us give your car exactly what it needs.

Certified Pre-Owned at Northtowne Volkswagen